The ultimate NRI bank, starting with 2% interest.

India's first neobank for Non Resident Indians. Open a full NRE/NRO account digitally. Earn up to 2% APY on your investments in USD. Customer support in your timezone. No hidden fees.

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Built keeping you in mind.

Swadesh is a digital banking experience built from the ground up, specifically for the Indian diaspora. We make it delightful for you to invest, remit, and manage your money in India from abroad.

Double your savings 🚀

At 2% APY, we are atleast 200x better than any other account offered by anyone else.

No currency risk

All your deposits are stored in USD. The interest accrued is in USD. Earn Indian interest on your American dollars.

Compounded bi-annually

Minimum deposit period is only 1 year. You can invest upto 5 years, and withdraw any time you want.

Help contribute to India's growth 🇮🇳

Your deposits help the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) maintain foreign exchange reserves, which is why it's subsidized to 2% APY to incentivize investments.
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Digital Nomad

Instant money remittance to and from India 🇮🇳

Send and receive money cheap, fast, and online.

Full Transparency. No hidden fees

We provide the best in class currency exchange rate for your benefit. You will be able to see the real time conversion rate before sending money.

Completely digital

No scanned paper signatures, no bank visits. Remit money instantly online.

Open your account digitally in 5 minutes

No paperwork, no waiting at a bank, no calling customer care. Seamless online experience.

For Non-Resident Indians

Complete KYC by taking a photo of your Indian Passport and US Identification (driver's license, EAD card etc.)

For Person of Indian Origin

Complete KYC by taking a photo of your OCI card and Passport.